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by Purnell R. Nelson

The poetry book Murder, written by author Purnell R. Nelson, was written to inspire readers imaginations from start to finish. Each poem has a unique story behind the tales. The poems are history-making, real-life attributes, and mirror reflections of the world. It is a mans image of self, motivated by power, money, greed, sex, lust, crime, deception, passion, peace, war, happiness, love, hate, destiny, and fate. There is no way to escape a planet we call home, where gods and devils rule our minds, a world gun control by murder, and corruption and injustice. Murder is a book collection you must have on your bookshelf.

About the Author

Purnell R. Nelson is a self-proclaimed poet who was born in St. Augustine, Florida, on January 29, 1972. The authors first poetry book, Murder, is a reality check. From a best-selling author, Americas newest poet, a profound, prolific, and brilliant new author starts his career.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)