My California Vacation

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My California Vacation

My California Vacation

By: Sandra DeKiserre

About the Book

The author was born and raised in Southern California. When she was seven, her father’s work took him out of town five days a week. He suggested that she keep a diary to keep him up-to-date on what was happening while he was away.

                Her life seemed boring, so she decided to keep a diary for her cat George who was both adventurous and funny. She loved to draw so she illustrated the diary with pictures of George’s escapades. Her father loved the book and soon, family and friends asked to see it.

                Seeing life through the eyes of an alley cat made for some humorous and sometimes serious reading. When her grandson asked Dekiserre to help “Flat Stanley,” she and her Burmese cat, Tiki, knew exactly what to do to heal his body and spirit. The rest is history.



(2019, paperback, 30 pages)


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