My Catching Ups

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My Catching Ups

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My Catching Ups
by Daniel Belcher

My Catching Ups describes the authors uniqueness in life regarding the life cycle of an individual. The exposures and experiences he has had during his lifetime of eighty years are highlights that are noteworthy. The evidence they reveal in the multi-events that have affected his life journey should be passed on to others. Also, the material in this book suggests usefulness in many categories such as films, books, and other disciplines.

About the Author

An electrical engineer graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University of North Carolina, Mr. Belcher has over 40 years of engineering cost control, management, scheduling, value planning, and dispute resolution experience. He has supervised design and technical construction support personnel in the U.S. Army, Frankfort Arsenal, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Corning Glassworks, Babcock & Wilcox, Blue Ridge Mountain Construction, and Belstar, Inc. he has also served as president of Belstar, Inc., from January 1985 to September 1995, after which his son Osmund (Ozzie) Belcher became the new president. As vice president of Belstar, Mr. Belcher is responsible for oversight of the companys quality assurance operations, client relations, certifications, employee benefits, and manual and business development.

(2011, hardcover, 294 pages)