My Dad's Thoughts: Bits and Pieces of Life

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9859-7
My Dad's Thoughts: Bits and Pieces of Life
by Ruben Dozal, Jr. My Dads Thoughts: Bits and Pieces of Life is a compilation of true-life memories and stories as seen through the life of Ruben Dozal Jr. The stories in this book are a compilation of Rubens first work. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ruben Dozal Jr. was born in Brawley, California. He is one of eight children. He has worked hard and struggled through life. With little education and no high school diploma, life has had its ups and downs for Ruben. He has tried to make the best out of each and every situation brought to him. Ruben started writing, and seeking to improve his writing he found the Adult Literacy Program of Santa Clara County. Not only did they provide tutoring for him, but they helped to build his confidence. They were amazed that a man who could barely read and write could put his thoughts and emotions on paper. (2005, paperback, 144 pages Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.