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My Elephant Likes to Read

By JC Gerstler

The author hails from the small industrial city of Rover Rouge, on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. The area is known for hard work and tough-minded individuality, but also open hearts. The author has always had a penchant for creative thought and ideas, and he feels strongly that this should be nurtured in our children. He feels children should be encouraged to express their inner thoughts creatively and freely.

Who knows, a Mozart or Rembrandt might be lurking inside, waiting to be discovered, or perhaps just a happy child. The author feels, to start on this road, children should be encouraged to read. They should read everything they can get their hands on, to expand themselves (this, of course, is within reason and moral code).

MY ELEPHANT LIKES TO READ expresses this in a very humble way. His dear friend and elephant enjoys reading, over almost anything else. He wants to consume as much information as he can. The elephant enjoys life to the fullest, but still likes to read. The elephant plays, drives, and travels, but he still likes to read.

The elephant enjoys the company of his dear friend, the author, and he completely loves his monthly trip to the zoo. In the end, though, what he likes most, is reading. The author hopes, through the elephants cuteness, that this will help promote the same attitude in children. Please enjoy.

(2013, Paperback, 30 pages)