My Family Tree is Full of Nuts

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My Family Tree is Full of Nuts

My Family Tree is Full of Nuts

By: Ann Bradley Branton


About the Book

Beginning in the mid 1920’s, My Family Tree is Full of Nuts tells the stories of a family in the South and the evolution of their lives as time moves forward. Life begins to get easier once electricity is available; no more oil lamps, no need to chop wood for the stove, no need for the icebox as the refrigerator is invented. Take a stroll through the years with the family, especially from the outlook of two brothers Rodger and Butch. With their wild antics, read along as they get themselves in and out of trouble.


About the Author

Ann Bradley Branton grew up in Lucedale, Mississippi, a small town about forty miles from Mobile, Alabama. She is a lover of nature and spends her time outdoors. She enjoys cooking and is well known for her chicken and dumplings – Southern style. Branton leads a very active lifestyle by cleaning and attending exercise classes where she is an inspiration to the others in her group. She also enjoys sewing and has been making her own clothes since the age of fourteen. She loves children and enjoys a good round of dodgeball in the creek with them, having just as much fun as they do.


(2020, Hardcover, 148 Pages)


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