My Freckle is Blue

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My Freckle is Blue
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My Freckle Is Blue
by M. E. McGuire-McCullough

My Freckle Is Blue is a lighthearted and fun childrens story about a boy who finds himself in a very peculiar predicament. He tries to get advice from his two friends who are brothers.

At first these boys dont know how to help their friend, but they put their thoughts together and come up with what they think is a great solution.

This is a charmingly entertaining story written in rhyming format. My Freckle Is Blue is about how good friends will go out of their way to help each other, no matter the circumstance. Its guaranteed to make children, as well as adults, laugh out loud with its delightfully unexpected ending!

About the Author:

M. E. McGuire-McCullough was born the younger of two daughters to Irish Catholic parents. She grew up in the family-oriented city of Lakewood, Ohio, a suburb of greater Cleveland. Her mother had a home daycare. McGuire-McCullough loved growing up around the younger children.

McGuire-McCullough discovered her gift for writing poetry when she was very young. Her other interests include singing and playing the piano. She also loves reading and watching television shows about spiritual experiences.

Today, McGuire-McCullough is happily married and is the proud mother of seven beautiful children: six boys and one girl. She enjoys spending time with her family. McGuire-McCullough considers herself truly blessed!

(2015, Hardcover, 30 pages)