My Grandma is a Little Bit Lost

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My Grandma is a Little Bit Lost

My Grandma is a Little Bit Lost

By: Margaret Talarico

About the Book

In My Grandmother is a Little Bit Lost, it is very sad when grandchildren, who are so used to having a grandmother as an integral part of their lives, watch her become someone who does not interact with them and eventually doesn’t even recognize them. This book was written to give young children an understanding as to what is happening to a beloved grandmother in a way that young children can grasp.


About the Author

Margaret Talarico had a mother with Dementia Alzheimer’s disease. It was, at first, very frightening and confusing. Then, as the family realized what was happening, they were able to understand and help her as well as cope with it themselves.

                Coming from a large family, they had a lot of support. Much has been written and acknowledged about how this disease affects spouses and adult children, but very little how about how this affects grandchildren.


(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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