My Ideas and Me

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My Ideas and Me

My Ideas and Me         

By: Rex Romaine Bahr

About the Author

Rex Romaine Bahr was born and raised on a farm seven miles south and one and a half mile west of Bassett, Nebraska. He is a patent holder, number 6446422. Bahr, having suffered the pain of migraines, found out what the cause was and he wrote about it in Migraines and Me. Knowing the people of today are not taught the rules of the road and the “hows” and “therfores” of vehicles, he decided to write what he knew in Driving and Me. He says he probably missed a lot and people can buy the book and write what they learned in it for themselves and others. He is working on My Thoughts and Me and More of Me.


(2019, Paperback, 70 pages)

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