My Lasting Scar

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My Lasting Scar

My Lasting Scar

By: P.J. Hunt-Williams

About the Book

I wrote this book as a work to encourage readers or anyone whom I may encounter. My book embraces the feelings I experienced after I underwent a partial loss of my breast. I realized as I was crying, hurt and in self-pity, that I was not the only one with a physical scar and that there are some people with scars unseen that will never go away. I encourage them to “just live.” Enjoy every day and enjoy life. My thought is that all tears will one day be wiped away.


About the Author

Author P.J. Hunt-Williams was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but was raised on the beaches of Brunswick, Georgia. Now a resident of Moore, Oklahoma, Hunt-Williams has been married forty-nine years, is a mother of four, and a grandmother of four.

                In her youth, Hunt-Williams was a professional singer, a Career Certified Hospital Chaplain, and a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She is now a retired minister and motivational speaker encouraging her readers to believe that life can be fulfilling regardless of past pain and wounds.


(2019, Paperback, 46 pages)

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