My Life as an R.N.

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My Life as an R.N.
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My Life as an R.N.
by Levada Ryan

Levada Ryan, author of My Life as an R.N., has spent seventy years working as a registered nurse. She will be 93 in December 2011. Born on a farm in northeast Louisiana, she attended Vicksburg School of Nursing in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and began her nursing career in south Texas. This book traces her life from growing up on a farm as one of ten children to her experiences in nursing school to working as a nurse in private hospitals, public health, schools, and nursing homes.

Ms. Ryan spent seven years writing her book in longhand, and one of her nieces typed it into a document ready for publishing.

Ms. Ryan has been recognized for her outstanding achievement in nursing by Strathmores Whos Who. She is an inspiration to anyone who may be considering a career in nursing.

(2012, paperback, 90 pages)