My Little Book of Poetry - eBook

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My Little Book of Poetry - eBook

My Little Book of Poetry

By: Melvin Yeager


About the Book

My Little Book of Poetry is Melvin Yeager’s collection of poems that span over several years of his life. After retirement and a divorce from his third wife, he used his newfound free time for recreation, fishing and bowling being the most prominent. When these activities turned out to be more of a chore, he ventured to western Oregon to fish in various lakes, rivers, and streams. Eventually, the lure of the sea caught his attention. When he would grow bored on weather delays, he sat at his computer and composed the collection within these pages. The poems came to him quickly and then vanished. If you don’t enjoy his poetry, Yeager says the pages can still be put to good use as fire-starter!


(2020, eBook)