My Momma Was My Pimp

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My Momma Was My Pimp

My Momma Was My Pimp                      

By: Ree-Dilla

About the Book

This book is non-fiction and tells of the love and grace God blesses Ree-Dilla with as she goes through His healing process to identify with her adult self. Ree-Dilla was conceived by her parents for her father’s pedophilia desires, in exchange for his financial support and promise to buy her mother a house. God prevails over all the abuse that Ree-Dilla experienced, just as he will for you.

My Momma Was My Pimp is about God’s love and healing power for the abused and abuser. You should read it to sharpen your awareness and to be a part of the healing process of the abused. All glory to God!

About the Author

Ree-Dilla loves to fellowship with The Trinity. She loves God, and expresses this love by playing the piano while singing to God, artistically, walking and glorifying God, for His beautiful creations, and writing books as guided by The Holy Spirit.

(2017, Paperback, 80 pages)

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