My New Life with Christ Jesus

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My New Life with Christ Jesus
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My New Life with Jesus Christ
By Onnie Williams

This anointing that I have, Jesus gave it to me, and no man can take it away. This is that same anointing that raised Jesus from the dead.

This same anointing will raise you from the dead, that dead life into a new life.

This anointing teaches me everything that I need to know. It will make the devil flee from you. This same anointing will keep you until Jesus appears again.

Receive that Holy Ghost power today.

Romans 8:14 tells us that those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God.

About the Author

My ministry is one on one. God gave me the power to lay hands on the sick and they recover, cast out demons, and baptize in the name of Jesus.

I was born in Lauderdale, Mississippi, in 1935. My parents moved to Birmingham in the 1940s, where I was raised until I got married and three children were born. I stayed married for 25 years. Now I am single and working for Jesus.

I am the former pastor of the Vow of Faith Radio Ministry and have been for 25 years. My schooling was at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in the 1980s. I was also an active member in the Evangelists Messengers Association in Cleveland, Tennessee, from 1992 1995.