My Secrets - eBook

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My Secrets - eBook

My Secrets

By: Peggy Sue


About the Book

In this book, Peggy Sue has created a diet that gets rid of the unwanted weight which was gained during the Covid-19 pandemic (or at anytime). Peggy Sue, through her own research and trial and error, came up with the solution for achieving the reaching of your weight goal. This diet is different than any that came before it. She also includes, as part of her diet, the veggie smoothie (also her creation). The smoothie is the revolutionary way to give your body practically all it needs to meet your dietary needs for fiber and nutrients. Unlike other diets (she is aware of), this diet can be used whenever you want to, and you’ll find you can achieve your diet goals speedily every time.


About the Author

Peggy Sue may not be a nutritionist or a doctor, but as a homemaker, she has taken the time to provide for others a diet for the physical body in part one, and in part two, she provides spiritual food. Admittedly, some of what is contained here can be controversial yet is never meant to be harmful. My Secrets is the culmination of wisdom incurred by Peggy Sue throughout her life. It is her sincere desire that you find yourself not only benefiting from the diet for your physical body but also find useful nuggets in the second section that provide you truth and life.


(2021, eBook)