My Story: A Survivor's Journey Through Life - eBook

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My Story: A Survivor's Journey Through Life - eBook

My Story

By: Debra P. Holley

About the Book

This book is a memoir of a woman who had to overcome several challenges in her life. The journey of life’s experiences and events is shown by expressions of feelings and thoughts as she traveled along surviving life-threatening illnesses, holding on to faith and purpose, and giving testament and being a witness for God’s goodness and mercy through her journey. It is the author’s hope that reading this book will inspire, encourage, and give hope to others to continue their journey through life, living it to the fullest.


About the Author

The author of this work was born in 1952 at Granger Hospital in Washington DC. She was raised by maternal grandparents and educated in the DC public schools and the American Institute of Banking. With a love of storytelling and writing, she would sit and write poems and songs as a child to pass time when on punishment. As an adult, she is faithful in her service to God and her family. Her spiritual foundation helped to guide and comfort her through all challenges life brought her way. She is a divorced mother of two children and grandmother to seven grandkids. She has survived a house fire, two bouts with cancer, a stroke, and heart failure. She has wanted to share her story of survival, hoping to inspire, encourage, and give hope to others. She wants to show readers that, if she can make it, so can they. Now as a retired banker and an experienced citizen, she is sharing her story.


(2018, eBook)