My Tour in the Corps, ’66-’69

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My Tour in the Corps, ’66-’69

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My Tour in the Corps, 66-69
by G.D. Flener

My Tour in the Corps, 66-69 is an unabashed, highly descriptive, no B.S. perspective into the life of one Marine during the Vietnam Era. Its all here: the rigors of boot camp, state-side training, I-Corp Vietnam, and the battle of Khe Sanh. This is a must read for all Marines of that era. Get ready to laugh your butt off and, maybe, shed a few tears. Actions of the Navy, Airforce, and the Army are also included. If you want to know what it was like to be a small COG, on a small gear, in the big green machine, you must read this book!

About the Author

The author joined the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department in November 1969. He left the Department, on a medical retirement, in May 1995. During his career he held the following positions: as a Deputy - Jailer, Patrol Officer, and Cadet Training Officer, and as a Sergeant - Custody Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor, Special Weapons Team Leader, and Unit Operations Supervisor.

He has been married since 1971 to the lady of his life, Shelley. They were blessed with a baby girl in 1978. Jennifer is now a teacher in La Jolla, California. Gary and Shelley have lived in Southern California since their marriage. Shelley plans to retire soon. Their goal is to live a long, happy life together. Traveling, golfing, and fishing are included in their future plans.

(2010, hardcover, 122 pages)