My True Story in Hong Kong

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My True Story in Hong Kong
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My True Story in Hong Kong
by Hussein Sultani

Hussein Ally Sultani is on his way to China to attend a Traditional Medical Hospital to cure his leg. He is fully and legally equipped with a valid passport, visa, and a return ticket. But he finds himself in the hands of immigration officers who decide to put him in detention for no reason and with no explanation.

Hussein Ally Sultani faces flogging and a lot of torture while at Hong Kong International Airport.

His experience forced him to write this book. He wants the reader to be aware that home is always best.

About the Author

My name is Hussein Ally Sultani. I was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After completing my primary education, I did not manage to proceed to secondary education because my parents were not financially well off. I joined the masons who offered me temporary jobs on their building sites. One day, while assisting the masons, a piece of brick fell from upstairs and hit my leg. From that day on, my situation worsened and I started to research places where I could be cured. I found a traditional clinic in China where I decided to visit.

Due to the fact that my family was not financially okay, I contracted my relatives and begged from other people to help pay for my passport, visa, and flight ticket to Hong Kong.

My True Story in Hong Kong tells what happened, so that whoever reads it will understand that sometimes justice is denied. Follow the story and learn what happened.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)