My Twelve Days of Christmas

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My Twelve Days of Christmas

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My Twelve Days of Christmas
by Rosemary Simpkins

I am a twelve-year-old boy, and my life hasnt been easy so far. My father died two years ago, leaving my mother and I in severe debt.

My mom works double shifts cleaning rooms in a rundown motel, trying to scrape together as much money as she can. I hear her crying at night, and I know she is worried about paying our bills and keeping food on the table.

When my dad was alive, he drank and smoked all the time and could never hold down a job. He blamed my mother for his problems, and I heard them yelling at each other every night. I remember my mom saying something to him about a twelve-step program and how he kept missing meetings and didnt seem to want to get better. Thats what gave me my idea

About the Author

Rosemary Simpkinsor Rosie, as everyone calls heris fifty-five years old, but she felt twelve years old again when she was writing this book. She put her heart and soul into the story and hopes it moves readers as much as it did her.

(2011, paperback, 34 pages)