Mystical Vibrations

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Mystical Vibrations

Mystical Vibrations

By: Owii Bob


About the Book

The poems within Mystical Vibrations will resonate with your heart and reveal the endless dimensions of yourself; your soul will grasp the wisdom of true discernment. Only you can be you, and that is why the words within the pages will mystically vibrate the frequency of true living, to free yourself from mental slavery and journey to the level of your heart vibrations. The secret of nature is to know yourself, and the greatest art of true living is to finally shine your own true nature.

The ancients studied the depth of themselves and became fully aware of their internal power. When you know yourself, you will understand the ultimate source of everything. The heart is the master key to unlock the many inner doors in the invisible world that will fly open the way towards manifestation and back towards infinity, into the mystical vibrations preserving true wisdom. It is to those tuned to the same channel who are able to comprehend the mystery of the divine plan unfolding.


About the Author

After several years of facing challenges, one day Mr. Owii Bob flew with his thoughts in search of his source, and from the deep void of source came a voice saying, “You cannot find me; I find you.” In that voice was a primeval mystical vibration that was the source of the All-knowable. He started vibrating poems upon poems, opening doors of all dreams and creativity. His authority is from that source, and a true testament is the creation of this book. Your yes and no are one; still, you are the answer.


(2020, Paperback, 112 Pages)


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