Nathan Hale: The Life of a Colonial Freedom Fighter

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Nathan Hale: The Life of a Colonial Freedom Fighter
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Nathan Hale
The Life of a Colonial Freedom Fighter
by Barry Bishop

About the Author

The author was born in Vermont but raised in Connecticut. He graduated from Bristol Eastern High in Bristol, CT. and Western, CT. State College in Danbury, CT. He was a basketball and soccer player with very good skills. He later coached basketball successfully at the high school level. The author also holds a diploma as a Fitness Trainer. He is a member of the Connecticut Landmarks Society, which helps preserve several historical buildings including the Nathan Hale Homestead. Mr. Bishop taught history and geography in Milford, New Hampshire. He was a dedicated teacher with a sense of humor. He also worked in sales, security and the auto industry for many years. His favorite charities are The Humane Society of the U.S. and The Salvation Army.

His interest in historical research led to the writing of this book about a struggle to participate in government. He started this narrative in the winter of 1984 and traveled to places like Yale University, the Connecticut Library in Hartford, museums in East Haddam, CT., New London, CT., as well as Norwalk Public Library to accumulate the data for his reading.

The author points out that Nathan Hale is the role model young people can set as their standard of excellence. A nation of individuals with such qualities can easily proclaim its justification for existence. Even today America (U.S.A.) is considered the nation of liberty and opportunity. Men such as Nathan Hale are the foundations of truth that support the Statue of Liberty and its symbolism of hope for a better life.

(2013, paperback, 120 pages)