Native Adrenaline II

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Native Adrenaline II

Native Adrenaline II

By: Naela Hurst


About the Book

This time, the five Native American brothers hang out around the campsite when the camping trip is over. Remembering the girls who helped them from last time, they’re in for a treat! Once again, the mysterious Tulip and Bluebelle seem to be magic, but the older boys try to make more sense of what’s really happening. They play a game with their new friends, then encounter nature’s fury! When a storm comes, they must take shelter. Will they see a bear?! You’ll have to find out! When people don’t take care of the environment, nature fights back! The brothers always respect nature, its creatures, and its beauty. The girls splash, surprise, and mystify the five brothers while they find shiny shells below the waters. And river creatures! Enjoy the fun of your favorite five brothers and two mystery girls in this wild and wet new adventure in the familiar Kentucky golden mountain scenery!


About the Author

Some of Naela’s previous works have been chosen to be read in a children’s book club and sent overseas to a book drive. When Hurst and her sister were younger, she would often imagine them out on exciting

adventures in the wilderness. Hurst would like to become a beekeeper and is doing the research now on how to take care of them. Being an event planner, Hurst has already planned out ideas for book signings and how to keep the children engaged in the books and activities. Her future looks bright! She hopes others will continue to teach the importance of nature, and it will look bright as well!


(2019, hardback , 30 pages)


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