Native Adrenaline

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Native Adrenaline

Native Adrenaline

By: Naela Hurst

About the Book

Run, jump, or swim into the world of five Native American brothers. You’ll enjoy the adventures they go to a camp and playfully compete against one another in the golden meadow.

Learn their strengths and weaknesses, but most of all see them come together as a family to make things work when they need to come together after a scary event!

     When it seems they’ve lost their way, meet two girls who will mesmerize them with their charm and grace. These magical girls show the brothers an adventure of a different kind. Hike the trails and find your wild side, and a little bit of magic!


About the Author


At 17, Naela Hurst took it upon herself to research Native American history and studied the tribes that are in her own family. Her family supports and encourages her curiosity of her heritage. She has a wild and free spirit like the boys in this book, but comes off as shy, quiet, and sheltered. Maybe as she grows, she’ll learn to let loose, enjoy the world, and have adventures and memories of her own! Like her previous books, she hopes that Native Adrenaline will be on the shelves in her local schools and bookstores. She hopes when children read this book, they’ll be more respectful to nature and want to explore the world beyond their own backyard.


(2019, hardback, 30 pages)


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