Nature and Love

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Nature and Love
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Nature and Love
by David Sidney Harris

Nature and Love, David Sidney Harris first published book, was written between 1998 and 2000. Nature and Love is both poetic and autobiographical, and was seen as a powerful tool of self-expression, catharsis, and a way for Harris to uniquely comment upon and unravel his individual perception of the world. The poems within speak of love, nature, family, and (psychiatric) healing. His healing poems, The Pink Room and The Legacy of Persecution, describe Harris experience as an inpatient in psychiatric hospital wards.

Half of the biography reveals Harris suffering from a near-fatal car accident (November 4, 1977) which has changed his life. Harris tells his story of tragedy, his zest for life, and deep feelings. Many readers may find inspiration from Nature and Love, while others may relate to its sentiments.

About the Author:

David Sidney Harris promising future as an actuary was shattered many years ago by a car accident. The young Harris held on to dear life to inspire others through his poetry and his good sense of the beautiful. A brilliant, pure mathematician with excellent skills in the sciences, Harris is also a lover of Truth, Beauty, and Nature.

(2016, Paperback, 90 pages)