Nature's God

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Nature's God

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Nature's God
by Teresa Shepherd

These poems are written simply from the authors heart. Everyone needs encouragement and needs their faith renewed at times. With our busy daily lives, its often easy to forget. We forget to take time to think. We forget some of the basic truths of faith. Taking a few moments to read through these poems can help remind the reader just how great our God truly is and remind them of some of the wonderful things He does for us. One way God has shown us His love is through the beauty of nature, which is reflected in the title poem Natures God.

About the Author

Teresa Shepherd was born and raised in Michigan. She, with her husband and their three children, lived in Texas for seven years and in Oklahoma for three years before moving back to Michigan. Since she was a child, Teresa has attended church faithfully, where she developed a deep love for God and the Bible, which have inspired the majority of her poems. Teresa enjoys spending time outside admiring the beauty of Gods creation, whether working in her flower beds, relaxing on her swing, or walking through the woods. She also enjoys camping with her husband, reading, baking, and working counted cross-stitch.

(2011, paperback, 54 pages)