Navy Lane

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Navy Lane

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Navy Lane
by Gina Hiester

Navy Lane is the story of my early life. It tells of the move our family made from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. It shows a happy relationship among myself and my siblings and the importance of family in all of our lives. I think the main ingredient is the loving example set forth by our unselfish parents, making endless sacrifices to have us all reach maturity with good, wholesome values.

We learned that life without wealth can be rich with love and companionship.

About the Author

Gina lives in New Jersey with her husband, Don. They have been married for fifty-two years. Their home is not far from where Gina grew up on Navy Lane. They have five children, of whom they are very proud, and ten wonderful grandchildren.

After her children were raised, Gina worked as a teachers aide for twenty-five years, tutoring children in reading and math, in her local school district.

She is now retired and spending her time trying to play the piano and banjo, but her real interest is in painting and ballroom dancing with her husband.

(2010, paperback, 84 pages)