Never Say Never With the Lord on Your Side

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Never Say Never With the Lord on Your Side
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Never Say Never With the Lord on Your Side
by Patricia Oakes Irvin

Patricia was born Patricia Oakes. She was born in Norwich, Connecticut, where she spent all of her childhood. She was the youngest child of seven. John and Rita Oakes, her parents, separated when Patricia was quite young, so most of her memories are of a single mothers household. Her family lived modestly. Her mother, Rita, died suddenly when Patricia was fifteen. This was quite a shock, as her mother was the strength of her family. So she was under the care of her brother until she was of age.

With the Lords gift of determination, Patricia graduated in 1977 from Norwich Free Academy High School in Norwich.

Patricia later moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she met her future husband, Harold Henry Irvin III. They were married on July 14, 1984. Harold and Patricia still reside in Charlotte. They have two grown children, Crista Marie Kang and Harold Andrew Irvin. Both their children are close by. Crista lives in Belmont, North Carolina, with her husband Kun Kang, and their two young children, Nathan and Lailah. Harold Andrew is single and living in Charlotte.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)