Never to be Seen Again

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Never to be Seen Again

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Never to be Seen Again
by Umaru Yusufu

Never to be Seen Again is a fictional account of the true story of King Abubakar II of the Mali Empire, who in the 13th century initiated the exploration of the Atlantic Ocean.

The story is told through the adventures of Abdulrahaman, who follows the king and later, discovers his parents who were abducted by slave raiders while he was away in school before the expedition.

About the Author

Umaru Yusufu was born to Malam Yusufu Na-Baraus family in 1960 at Anguwan Juma Zaria City. He attended Town School No. 1, then known as kofan kuyan-bana primary school, and now waziri lawal primary school. After secondary school at Government Secondary School Giwa Zaria, now G.G. Secondary School Giwa, he enlisted in the Nigerian Navy as a radio operator and served 22 years. He is now a representative for America international insurance company (Aiico) plc in 1960.

Yusuf has an advanced diploma in management studies from Kaduna State Polytechnic, now Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, and a National Certificate of Education (NCE) in mathematics and computers from the Federal College of Education. He is currently a History Student at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

(2009, paperback, 62 pages)