A New Thing

A New Thing
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A New Thing
by John R. Stevenson

So many of us would like to have a new beginning in life. We wonder if we could just start over. In us is where the New Thing starts; it starts with us and Jesus Christ. He will change those other areas in our lives as we surrender all to Him.

If a fresh new start is what you truly desire, Jesus is standing at the door of your heart. He knocks hoping to be invited into your life to become a permanent part of your life forever, and be assured that with Him, life is always a New Thing.

About the Author

I now understand and can relate to the authors of the Bible and how they were inspired by God to write their individual books of the Bible. This truly was the Lordís idea and His influence alone.

I retired from the military twenty years prior to retirement in July 1999. I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior on I-35 after attending a job conference. Two years later, I was called to preach the gospel. I attended the School of Ministry UMHB for two years, and two years later I was called to pastor Godís people. Part of the vision is to write books about His Son.

(2010, paperback, 82 pages)


A New Thing (PDF ebook)
A New Thing (PDF ebook)

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