Nights to Remember

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Nights to Remember

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Nights to Remember
CJ Mertesdorf

Jessica, an independent forty-something, had gotten to a time in her life where everything she had striven for has fallen into place. Her photography career has taken her places she could have only dreamed about and work is pouring in. Since losing her mother and grandmother, her relationship with her father is marginal, but having Seth in her life resolves all the bad choices she had made in the past. Their relationship is progressing well, although his past is a mystery to her. It will be his mysterious past that sends them both on a torturous journey of self-discovery and determination, which ultimately brings them to a life-and-death situation.

About the Author

Born in 1961 on a small farm in northern Minnesota, CJ was the first child of highly resourceful, active young parents. With acres of land in which to build forts, ride bicycles, and play softball, CJs imagination was filled with ideas. In school CJ and her sisters excelled as expected in both academics and extracurricular activities. But it was on the farm, assisting her father in duties needing a helper, where her love for motorcycles, cars, and fixing things bloomed.

Graduating from the University of North Dakota in 1983 led to jobs in clinical lab science, death scene investigation, and car maintenance. Although this is her first book, many readers have already given it a positive review.

(2010, paperback, 148 pages)