No Experience Necessary: The Secrets of Real Estate They Don’t Want You to Know

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No Experience Necessary: The Secrets of Real Estate They Don’t Want You to Know

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No Experience Necessary: The Secrets of Real Estate They Don't Want You to Know
by LaNay Harris Brown

A guide to help you understand real estate, the secrets revealed
Learn the real secret strategies that will make you successful
Discover how to create wealth for you and your family
How to find the Grants and Seed Capital you have been looking for
The resources revealed, powerful search engines to find the best investments in minutes
How you can make your own educated investment decision rather than advice from others
How you can earn money without owning the property to generate substantial monthly income
How you can legally reduce capital gain tax
How to buy no money down and buy real estate 30%-50% below market value

I am proud of you: this is the first step toward claiming your birthright, thats right ABUNDANCE is your birthright. You have taken the first step towards the most effective way to having all the secrets revealed to you about Real Estate.

Did you know if you owned a bill board or traveled as an investor each time you landed at the airport that is Real Estate? Billboards are a part of a Real Estate Portfolio and traveling any where is a tax right off. Included in the pages of No Experience Necessary! are instructions and information you need to get started immediately. I have provided step-by-step instructions to help you establish your own, personalized Real Estate portfolio. The information included helps you to involve your spouse and family members or business partner.

As a Licensed Builder/Contractor, let me offer you two significant pieces of advice. First, you dont have to be licensed in anything to become an investor nor do you need experience. Second, I strongly recommend that you carefully review the materials. Make the calls, keep notes and have an action plan.

Again, I Congratulate you on the excellent decision you have made in purchasing the book No Experience Necessary and invite you to stay in touch with me, sharing your successes and implementing the knowledge you have gained.


Be Blessed and Prosperous

(2012, paperback, 62 pages)