No, Means NO!

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No, Means NO!
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No, Means NO!
by Y. Taylor

Whatever the example, children live and grow by that example.

No, Means NO! is a story that every child should hear, because child predators do not announce their arrival in a childs life. To the contrary, they strategically maneuver into childrens lives in a very concealing and sly manner. They are camouflaged right before our very eyes. Many times, they remain in childrens lives for a long time. (And even once is a long time.)

It is up to us, as responsible adults, to let children know that if they are sexually abused, or fearful of being abused, they must tell someone. Children need to know that no matter what a predator says to make them not tell anyone, TELL ANYWAY! No, Means NO! was written to support children against sexual abuse and to support bonding between adults and children. Hopefully, this level of healthy bonding will support children enough to encourage them to speak out, if ever needed, against sexual abuse.

About the Author

Y. Taylor encourages the nurturing of children. She believes that, ideally, nurturing begins before birth. She understands that childrens healthy minds play a large part concerning their successful development. It is her desire to encourage more adults to share significant time with young people.

Taylor regards childrens opinions with much contemplation. Through her simple stories, she attempts to capture voices and feelings of the younger population. Just as importantly, she hopes to encourage quality bonding time between youth and adults. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Taylor teaches and has served as an administrator of special education.

Taylor is married and has two children. Her children have served as advisors for her stories.

(2013, Paperback, 34 pages)