No Obstacle Too Great

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9927-3
No Obstacle Too Great
by Mino Pavlic As a first time writer, Mino Pavlic believes he has written an extraordinary work of non-fiction in his autobiography, for he has truly lived an unbelievable life. Through great courage and personal strength, he has survived his journey; no obstacle was too great to overcome. The first sixteen years of Pavlics life were filled with fantastic globe trotting to exotic places. The following twenty-five years, he lived a life of crime, prison survival, and violence. He spent ten years as an intravenous drug addict, and he continues to battle alcoholism, which has controlled most of his life. All this in itself would allow for an incredible story, but adding the harsh realities of the devastating and incurable HIV infection makes his story the more extraordinary. Amidst the diagnosis of a slow and inevitable death, Pavlic faced self-doubt and suicide until his life was changed by a miracle: an exceptional and special woman. Through her kindness, compassion, and tenderness, he has held onto his goals and inspirations, no matter how impossible they have seemed. His story is a testament to the power of determination in realizing our dreams. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mino Pavlic currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he enjoys exceptional health. He is currently writing his second and third works of non-fiction, which are a continuation of his already extraordinary and incredible life. As a result of his memoirs, many avenues have presented themselves in the form of public speakings. This first time authors greatest reward has been knowing that those who have read No Obstacle Too Great have felt its impact, which in some way has made a difference in their lives. (2006, paperback, 188 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.