No One Knows

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No One Knows

No One Knows

By: Diane Ranker Riesen

About the Book

“God constantly speaks to us in some way or form. Sometimes to invite us; sometimes to comfort us; other times to encourage us, or on occasions to beseech us; but never to condemn us.

I ‘met’ Diane Ranker Riesen during August 2015 during what was called (where I was employed at the time) the Nigerian ‘rainy season.’ Not in person, but through the magic of her words. After reading a number of her poems that she shared on Facebook I realized that this lady was someone special and that God uses her in a special way as an instrument of hope and love.

Diane, even though she had published three books, was not yet widely known or recognized for the quality of her work as she most definitely deserves to be. I felt, and I told her, that her work deserves to be read and appreciated by millions.

In this new collection of 400 poems, she again gives us a glimpse at the massive beauty that God has invested inside her heart. My wish is that God would bless many through her words and that she will continue to comfort, inspire, and encourage us with her beautiful poems for many years to come.”

                -Coenraad Marneweck


“Diane’s poetry moves me, and I, too, feel FAITH, HOPE, PEACE, and PRAISE for our Heavenly Father. My soul sings when I read Diane’s very deep and amazing words. Her poetry is like a ‘sermon’ that God has written, through Diane, who seems to have a direct line to His Power of Love for His children.”

                -Leah Pallaris


About the Author

“No one can tell me how to grieve…no one knows how I loved them.”

                -Diane Ranker Riesen


Diane Ranker Riesen lives in Tiffin, Ohio, with her husband, Mark, of forty years. They have three children: Luke Andrew, Brent Christopher, and Pamela Grace, along with their spouses, and three grandsons: Braden, Jace, and Axl! Diane has written poetry for as long as she can remember and has used it to help express her spirituality, faith, and all the emotions that we experience in life. This is her fourth book.



(2018, Paperback, 390 pages)

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