No More Secrets

No More Secrets
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8938-0

by Marian Packer

This book is about a little girl growing up hard, how she had a dysfunctional family, and how she was too dark in her own home. What do you do when you want your mother and sheís not there? What do you do when the people you love are the people who hurt you? What do you do when bad things happen and you canít tell anyone?

When you care for everyone and no one cares for you.

Through all the storms, tears, problems, hurt, and pain, there are things you donít tell about this side of life. Not long ago, going through breast cancer, God said, ďPut it on paper,Ē and No More Secrets was birthed.

This is dedicated to all children who need to remember when no one else is there, God is standing by. Also, to my mother, whom I love very much.


Glory be to God and to his son, Jesus, through whom all blessings flow. We are blessed to have Marian Packer tell her side of the story in No More Secrets. Marian is the lifeline in a family that doesnít understand her position in life. Against the odds, she did survive and raise four wonderful daughters. After having a major hand in the upbringing of younger brothers and a sister, she was a host of their friend.

A secret is known but kept quiet and certainly not shared with outsiders. What needs to be understood about the author is that she is heir to the family bloodline. It is by her offspring we count members of six generations on both her motherís and fatherís sides of the family.

To Marian (Sugar) I say thank you! I will remain because I have no other choice, but even if I did have a choice, I would still remain most empathetically your brother.

(2007, paperback, 74 pages)

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No More Secrets [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8938-0 [E-book]

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