Nora's Little Nazi/Jake's Spy

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Nora's Little Nazi/Jake's Spy
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Noras Little Nazi / Jakes Spy
by Jake Weston

This is a personal story of growing up made into a fictional story. The author shares how he learned to use hypnosis using the English language, the use * of Double Talk with the English language, and how it helped keep him alive. At the same time, the author tells his personal hardship with a father who had an extreme drinking problem.

Trained as a double agent in a new age, the author shares his hard times while in Germany and his arrest while living at Pacific Ocean Park as one of Hitler's Youth.

About the Author

Nora's Little Nazi l Jake's Spy recounts the author's life as a military man and an expatriate. He shares his days in Germany when there was chaos. He vividly recalls the grotesque images of death and suffering of people during the war. Without a choice, the author found refuge in the United States He had difficulty living in a foreign country where he had no friends. However, his determination and wit enabled him to overcome the cultural barriers.

(2013, paperback, 316 pages)