Not One of the Robot Children

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Not One of the Robot Children
by Mari Jo Taylor Have you ever had one of those days when nothing was going right? Fifth-grader Thomas James is having one of those lives! His teacher, Mrs. Cross, would like nothing better than to have a class full of robot children, all neatly dressed, hair combed, and pencils poised, ready to face another day of learning. Yeah, right! Thomas has a home life with a know-it-all sister, a father who doesnt understanding him, and a little problem with explosive behavior. And he thinks the principal hates him too. Adding to the chaos, there is a serious case of dyslexia following him. Will T.J. be able to persevere and beat these problems? Told from the viewpoint of a troubled fifth-grader, Not One of the Robot Children will be a comfort to all children who feel they just dont fit in. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mari Jo Taylor has always loved to escape through the magic of literature, so writing came naturally. Her dream of seeing her work in print, however, had to be put on hold. First, she had to raise her own children, help with her godchildren, and take care of countless others during fifteen years of daycare. For the last fifteen years she has provided quality care for the elderly. Mari Jo, her husband, and her dog, Clyde, recently relocated from California to the Oregon forest, which has proved the perfect setting to finally see her dream come true. (2005, paperback, 72 pages)