Notebook Sermons

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Notebook Sermons

Notebook Sermons

By: Loretta Ellen Edwards


About the Book

Loretta Ellen Edwards, not her real name of course, does not want to be connected to her stories. Not because she is ashamed, she wishes for her theories to sink or swim based on the truth rather than her personality, the way she dresses, or any other mortal opinion.

For a long time, Edwards has thought Christians have been following a well worn path without any thought of where they were going or why. When their religion does not make sense, they shrug their shoulders and think, It must be true. Everyone believes this way.

Notebook Sermons are short, easy-to-read stories that will challenge readers’ thoughts and beliefs. Edwards asks that you do not believe her, but rather think for yourself! “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Find the answers that will make you a true believer.

This thought-provoking work is a great way to fill time between activities and can be used in a study group to discuss among others. You may just find answers to questions you had never thought to ask.


About the Author

Loretta Ellen Edwards married young, at a time when mothers stayed home to raise their children. She had two daughters and three sons. She lost her youngest daughter, her husband of sixty years, and her oldest son within six months of each other. Now a senior citizen, Edwards remains in good health. She spends her days playing with her great-grandchildren, taking long walks, and reading books by religious authors, finding herself disagreeing with their superstitious ideas. Her own book seeks to make sense of religion.


(2021, Paperback, 150 Pages)


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