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by Jo-Anne Sieppert

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Leeds suffers from terrible nightmares. He is considered weird and teased by his peers. Tyler soon discovers, however, that his nightmares are more like glimpses into another world, a dark world in which he is a king.

When Eljord, the evil king of darkness, kidnaps their friend Sara, Tyler and his brother Michael travel through the dark world to rescue her. With their newfound powers as Nytstars, they meet friends, foes, and all kinds of strange creatures throughout their journey, but it is the strength of their brotherhood that will be tested the most.

About the Author

I was born in Leeds in Northern England. I moved to Canada with my family at age ten. I began writing when I was about five years old, mainly poems and short stories. I write whatever comes into my head. My favourite time to write is late at night when everyone has gone to bed. There is something about the whole house being asleep and dark, the only light coming from my computer screen and the only sound the creaking wood as the house settles, that is simply inspiring.

(2009, paperback, 208 pages)