Of Hearts and Hugs and Kisses

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Of Hearts and Hugs and Kisses
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Of Hearts and Hugs and Kisses
by Rosemarie Rowe

According to Elizabeth, her life at seventeen is dull, dull, dull.

Could a cat named Kisses be the key to what she needs? She soon learns that its not all about her. Romance is in the future.

Elizabeth finds out that God can take the smallest thing in your life and make it the most important.

About the Author: Rosemarie Rowe is a native of the Appalachian eastern coal mine region of Pennsylvania. Having lived in severe poverty, she learned to love the outdoors and the animals of that region.

Rosemaries family moved to West Virginia and lived in a one-room house among the wonderful hill people. Moving back to Pennsylvania as a young girl she got in a job in a sweat shop. She worked her way through nursing school to be a Registered Nurse.

Rosemarie is married to her dear Christian husband. They have five lovely children. Travelling with her family is Rosemaries favorite thing to do when shes not hiking or in her kayak.

Rosemarie has worked with the Hopi Native Americans in Arizona and now works at an Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky, meeting people from all over the world.