Oh, My What a Dream

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Oh, My What a Dream

Oh, My What a Dream

By: Aleta Snowden


About the Book

Due to the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic, the whole country had to stay inside for safety from the lethal virus beginning in March 2020. Author Aleta Snowden missed the family gatherings and her grandson she used to homeschool and tell bedtime stories to. Because of this situation, she decided to write a story just for him, a story for and about an African American young man having his own adventure. Young David falls asleep and suddenly finds himself falling deep into another world. He lands in an unfamiliar place and starts to explore the land and meets a man named Mr. Simpleton. He finds out the people of this land are concerned for their safety from a monster. Young David puts aside his fear of encountering danger to help them in their time of need.He begins to look for the monster. Along the way, he enters a porthole, sees strange occurrences, meets an android, sees spaceships, dinosaurs, an evil gigantic robot, and crew members from another planet.


About the Author

Aleta Snowden is an African American female who resides in Baltimore, Maryland, and retired from the Social Security Administration in 2006. In 2009 she started writing a monthly family newspaper to keep family members abreast of family events and birthdays. She would write spiritual encouragement messages, recipes, and include some mind-boggling puzzles. She also spent quality time with family members, especially her five grandchildren. Her youngest, nine-year-old grandson David, loved her made-up bedtime stories. He was always the main character, enjoying the twists and turns in her stories that were never written down.


(2021, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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