Oh Yes, I'm The Great Pretender!

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Oh Yes, I'm The Great Pretender!

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Oh Yes, I'm The Great Pretender!
by Lisa Gomez

Dr. Freddie Williams Jr. is a player. He is a handsome, well-paid doctor and father of one son. He knows how to get love but not how to give it. Thats just his way until he meets Courtney Lopez. Attractive and intelligent, she easily wins the affections of Freddie and his co-workers, and Freddie starts to wonder if he can shake his player ways and win her heart.

About the Author

Lisa Gomez is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She has two children: Courtney, 21, and Corey, 17. She also has a grandson whom she adores. She hopes to continue writing and to pursue her dream of becoming a talk show host.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)