Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue

Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue
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Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue
by Nwaeze Aguwa

Nwaeze Aguwa was born in Malabo Equatorial Guinea to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Fidelis Aguwa. However, he was raised in one of the remotest villages in Nigeria, where he had the opportunity to study the culture of his people.

He once described himself as a victim of the outcaste system because, as a freeborn, he was forbidden to marry his love, despite the fact that he cried his eyes out over this social albatross. This definitely informed the writing of this book, which he believes could totally break the wings of this evil culture.

Nwaeze is a graduate of the Applied Biology program at Enugu State University of Technology, Nigeria. He has taught biology and other key science subjects in many high schools in Nigeria. He was also an examiner on biology for the West Africa Examinations Council [WAEC]. Nwaeze is currently the chief operations officer of Faith Pharmacy Limited in Nigeria.

Nwaeze started writing short stories in his high school days. He also enjoys singing. He is a social critic and a firm believer in the rule of law.

(2012, paperback, 152 pages)


Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue (PDF ebook)
Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue (PDF ebook)

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Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue [ePub]
Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue [ePub]

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Olanma: The Paragon of Virtue [Kindle]

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