On the Aisle: Film Reviews by Philip Morency

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On the Aisle: Film Reviews by Philip Morency

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On the Aisle: Film Reviews by Philip Morency

On The Aisle is a handy compilation of movie reviews for the average moviegoer to gain knowledge, or at least an opinion, of current films, as well as films of the past. Each movie review contains a synopsis of the film, followed by the critique, or rating, using a star rating system much like that used by professional film critics. The star ratings are as follows: 1 star = POOR, 2 stars = FAIR, 3 stars = GOOD, 4 stars = EXCELLENT, and 5 stars = OUTSTANDING. The 5-star rating is reserved for films that really stand out and are considered great films. There are also half-stars used for more precise ratings (ex. 3 stars = VERY GOOD).

The films contained herein are rated with regard to the type of film, such as drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, animated, western, etc., and are compared to other films of the same genre. They are listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference. There are also some older, or classic, films mixed in just for fun because many people have never seen some of them.

About the Author

Philip R. Morency was born on July 5, 1950 in Providence, Rhode Island. He lived in East Providence until joining the United States Air Force in 1970. After serving 21 years in the Air Force and enjoying many choice assignments all over the country in that service, he retired his uniform at Edwards Air Force Base in California. He then landed a job with Computer Sciences Corporation, located on Edwards Air Force Base. There he worked as a computer operator for the company and the base. He is currently a Data Management specialist for JT3 Corporation on Edwards Air Force Base. He lives in Rosamond, California, roughly ten miles from the base.

Morencys hobbies include playing pool, dining out, movies, and traveling. His interest in movies began while serving in the Air Force, and he started writing movie reviews for fun around 2003. Thus far, he has written more than 400 movie reviews.

(2009, paperback, 268 pages)