On the Back of the Other Side

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On the Back of the Other Side
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On the Back of the Other Side
by Carn Tiernan

A Victorian lady from a well-to-do family was brought up from birth only to cultivate those ladylike accomplishments that equipped her for the marriage marketand nothing more.

When Liz Fairhurst, a vivacious last-year student of the Course of Catering and Hotel Management and a concert pianist, finds she was made to change places with Emily, her identical-looking but stupid and evil-minded Victorian double, it takes all her skill and courage to fight her way back to her own time and her own body. Or does she?

She has to learn the ways of the Victorian high ton and cope with the agonies and restrictions of Victorian high fashion, to turn the dangers and treachery around her to her advantage.

It is all totally impossible, but the details of Victorian fashionable life and adventure on the high seas, though carefully researched, are almost as incredible and make for a fast-moving narrative. If you want a work of literature, then look elsewhere. This is a womans adventure story, a romance, and hopefully just a good read.

About the Author

Carn Tiernan is the penname of an engineer who, in his idealistic youth, thought to make the world a better and brighter place, where the goodies triumphed over the baddies and adventures always had a happy ending.

His first book was written as a series of letters to his daughter, away at boarding school and passing through her horsey phase. It was about a bright young lass and her pet, Extralegs, a flying six-legged horse, and they laughed together at the anarchic antics of Allison Dolling and her friends as they together cocked a snook at stuffy authority. The years have taught him life is never that easy but today, living in semi-retirement with his wife, a dog, and two cats in an old French farmhouse, filling his days with DIY, making music, and cultivating friends as eccentric as himself, he still dreams of those warm, sunlit uplands where adventures are fun, people can trust and be loyal to each other, and life is to be lived with style and panache.

Such a world may only exist in his imagination, but there love and adventures are unsullied by the miasma of modernity, and he cordially invites you to enjoy it with him.

(2009, paperback, 642 pages)