On the Way There

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On the Way There

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On the Way There
by Maly M. Kiendl

On The Way There is a beautifully illustrated story about Loxalillya, a little girl who has a dream. Her dream maker is an elf, who is a mischievous tease, and he takes her to the swamps of misery in dreamland. While in the swamp, Loxalillya gets weighed down with furry little creatures that torment her. When Loxalillya thought, things will never get better, a mysterious woman helps her. What are the furry little creatures? Who is this mysterious woman? Will Loxalillya ever leave the swamp? The answers to all the questions are revealed inside the book.

About the Author

The original storybook, On The Way There, was a wonder tale for boys and girls, both little and grown tall. Keeping that thought in mind, I wanted my book not only to be a bridge between generations, but between the past, present, and into the future. Only when we build bridges do we really understand one another. I believe some ideals and principles and truths in life should never get lost or forgotten. I hope every person who reads my book will have as much pleasure in the experience as I have had giving my book to others.

(2011, paperback, 38 pages)