Once Upon a Princess

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9027-0
Once Upon a Princess
by Peg K. Mowery, Illustrated by Olivia Anne Mowery Once Upon a Princess revolves around a talented young princess who has become lonely and bored with her life inside the castle. She longs to venture out, but she is aware that there may be dangers lurking like dragons. She holds a contest to find her knight in shining armor to accompany on her trip and keep her safe. The princess soon discovers that you cant judge a book by its cover, as some of the best-looking suitors leave much to be desired. She ends up finding love and happiness with the least likely candidate of them all. ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR Peg K. Mowery resides in Oberlin, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Kerry, and two daughters, Olivia Anne (elementary age) and Jessica Nicole (preschool age). She received her bachelors degree in pharmacy from Temple University in 1990, and she is now employed full-time as a pharmacist. She and her family are active members of Centenary United Methodist Church, where she is also a Sunday school teacher. In her spare time, she has fun organizing, decorating, and spending quality time with her children. Olivia Anne Mowery is a student at Tri-Community Elementary School, where she has recently been admitted into the gifted and talented program. Her favorite classes include art, music, and library. Outside school, she enjoys guitar lessons, cheerleading, and playing on the computer. (2006, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.