Once Upon a Time in New York… How I Painted My Masterpiece

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Once Upon a Time in New York… How I Painted My Masterpiece

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Once Upon a Time in New York How I Painted My Masterpiece
by Michael Sprankle

A novel in the flavor of Less Than Zero and Bright Lights, Big City. The book is about one mans disillusionment with the America he thought he knew.

Within the context of the novel are many political references as well as humor and satire. But the real context of the story centers on drug abuse, jewelry theft, fine wine theft, art theft, working for the mafia, and stealing from the mafia, as well as the authors employment in the exciting, fast-paced world of fashion photography and his eventual downfall.

It is the story about how, for a brief period of time he obeyed only the law of gravity. He once believed that the answers to all of lifes problems could be found in the bottom of a bottle. They are probably still there, but now they are printed in Chinese. It is a story in which he learns A heart is not judged by how much you love; but how much you are loved by others.

About the Author

Michael Sprankle is a graduate from Pennsylvania State University and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife, Galina, son, Anthony, and their two cats. They are avid art collectors, specifically oil paintings, and his wife also collects Murano glass and shoes many, many pairs of shoes. This is the first book by the author, and although a long time in the making, some things get better with age like a fine wine.

Having studied film at Penn State, Michael likes to use the names of movies as his chapter titles, as he feels this helps set the scene and development of each chapter. His second book titled: The Great American Novel will be available soon from Rosedog Books.

(2010, hardcover, 146 pages)