One Man's Undying Love

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One Man's Undying Love
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One Man's Undying Love
by John Fiola

My wife fell in 2007 and was totally paralyzed. Her fall caused an injury that is called TBI (traumatic brain injury), which then led to Alzheimer's disease. She is now in a nursing home where I go and visit her every single day to feed her at noon and again at night.

We have been married for 50 years with a love that cannot be put into words. I sit at home all alone now and at night I think of her all the time. That started me writing down my thoughts and my love for her. I started writing her poetry to read to her and hung them in her room. They were so much from my heart that even some of the nurses and chaplains would tear up.

To quote Dr. Leo Buscaglia, the love doctor, "If you take time to talk to each other every day, you will never become strangers." We lived our life by that quote.

I would like to share these thoughts with all who are caregivers and family and friends of Alzheimer's patients. These are my poems of my undying Love for my wife.

About the Author

I am a Korean War veteran that served my country proudly in the U.S. Navy. I am married for fifty years to the most wonderful woman in the world.

I met my wonderful wife on a blind date and have the most perfect marriage a man could ever ask for.

I am not really a poet, but others have told me to publish my poems about my undying love for my wife. The poems I write come right from my heart to her.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)