Only the Brave

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Only the Brave

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Only the Brave
by Peter Pollard

Who tried to assassinate wealthy businessman and art dealer Stanislav Q Quentin? And what is the mysterious symbol found at the scene? What is the connection between the murky world of business and the little church in the hills?

Leaving no clich unturned, Gordo Hayes and Caitlin Carter embark on a perilous journey of treachery, corruption, and astonishing incompetence that threatens to destroy them and everything they hold dear.

What they are saying about Only the Brave...

A searing indictment of lots of things
-Mit Esorg, critic and commentator

Puerile, childish and immature
-Synonym Monthly

A post-Rabelasian tour de force
-Polkerris and Hamland Womens Guild

-The Orthinologists Quarterly

(2011, paperback, 124 pages)